Federal PPP Applications Re-Open January 11, 2021

With the new $284 billion Congressional appropriation for small business relief, the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will re-open the week of January 11 for new borrowers and certain existing PPP borrowers.

Here is more good news to many small business owners on PPP and for new and existing SBA borrowers.
”Borrowers who take out new loans before October 1, 2021 will receive the first six months of principal and interest payments from SBA. All payments provided for in the new stimulus law will be capped at $9,000 a month”

This would be a good time to start your SBA loan process and close the loan by October 2021. R Desmond Services can assist you with SBA loans and connect you with the right lender who can get it done, and also with the 2nd round of PPP. Once the banking institutions open up the portal for PPP loans, we will send out a link for you to apply. We will do all the work keeping up with changes from SBA, so you can focus on your business.

Contact info@rdesfinancial.com for more information.

For Immediate Release

R Desmond Financial Services LLC dba R Desmond Services Colorado Springs, Colorado – July 27, 2019 —

The move was essential due to R Desmond Services announcement that Founder & Principal Financing Consultant Rob Powell has stepped aside to pursue other financial interests effective July 29, 2019.  “Our new office space will continue operations of our award-winning team and continue to assist entrepreneurs and business owner’s get the financing they need,” said Margaret Wu, CPA.  Margaret was formerly President of 178CPA Financial Services LLC and will assume the leadership role of President with R Desmond Services.

R Desmond Services’ new address will be 985 Pico Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. The new office phone number will be (720) 314-8884 and all email addresses will remain the same.

About R Desmond Services 

R Desmond Services assists established entrepreneurs and business owners with their cash flow needs by providing solution-based options for the client’s financial needs. We understand that not ALL businesses are created equal.  Each business is unique and has different needs and objectives. One size does not fit all!  Visit www.rdesfinancial.com for more information.

For more information, please contact Margaret WU CPA at 702-550-8699 or margaret@rdesfinancial.com

Rosenco International LLC and R Desmond Financial Services LLC Announce Strategic Alliance

Rosenco International LLC Las Vegas, NV and R Desmond Financial Services LLC Colorado Springs, CO announced that they have formed a strategic alliance that will see the two companies expand their relationship to encompass projects related to alternative financing to bankable and non-bankable prospect initiatives.

As part of this expanded relationship, the companies will work together to support the expansion of alternative financing capabilities and non-QM products. Joint initiatives will include sharing clients and projects that fit a community bank model.

“We are pleased to announce this latest development in our relationship with R Desmond Services, and what we believe to be an important step forward in our strategy for long-term growth with our bankable solutions,” said Rosenco International LLC President, Howard Rosen.

“Rosenco International LLC has long recognized the potential of a dedicated financing specialist in the bankable market to speed up the delivery of Alternative Financing Services to our customers,” added Howard. “Our most recent work has focused on strategies to move our potential bank structured small business clients to a dedicated process. By leveraging Rosenco International LLC development expertise and popular product line with R Desmond Services, we believe we have found a great combination to accelerate the client funding process. Alternative Financing promises to be a robust platform that we can use to incorporate innovative services that will benefit our customers.”

“R Desmond Services is very excited to partner with Howard Rosen and Rosenco International LLC for financing solutions. Rosenco International supports some of the best-known alternative small business projects and with commercial lending brokers nationwide. Coupled with R Desmond Services bank platform initiative, our companies will be able to cooperate on projects that will benefit customers throughout the United States,” said Rob Powell, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Rosenco International LLC

Rosenco International LLC is a nationally recognized capital market, and business capital professional services firm to commercial loan brokers, entrepreneurs, small business and private clients.

For more information, please contact Howard Rosen at Hrosen@rosencointernationalllc.com or visit www.rci702.com

R Desmond Financial Services LLC

R Desmond Services LLC offers a full range of consulting and alternative financing services to small business clients throughout the United States.

For more information, please contact Margaret Wu info@rdesfinancial.com  or visit: www.rdesfinancial.com

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